Cash Flow Management

Fill in any gaps in retirement
Understanding where money is going
Budget Planning
Goal Planning

Retirement Income Planning

Where to save money?
How much to save?
How much do you need?
What is your target rate of return?
Where to draw money from in retirement?
Maximum retirement spending

Tax Planning

Control taxes in retirement
Pay less tax in retirement
Understanding your CURRENT tax situation
Understanding you FUTURE tax situation
Legacy Planning tax efficiently
Understanding 401K options

Investment Planning

Asset location/Tax efficient
Tax loss harvesting
Rebalancing portfolio
Lowering costs
Avoiding unnecessary fees and commissions
Controlling risk
Not taking more risk than you need to
Truly customized investment planning
Show transparency
Understanding fees you are paying

Business/Self Employment Planning

Save as much as possible
Reduce taxes
Protect your assets
Succession Planning
Tax reduction strategies for selling business

Pension Analysis

Lump Sum vs. Annuity Option
Optimal pension decision
What options are best for YOU

Insurance Planning

What you need for coverage?
Is Long Term Care needed?
Can you self insurance?
Preparing for “God Forbid” moments
Preparing for unexpected
Are you overpaying?
Avoiding unnecessary products

Estate Planning

Avoiding probate
Reducing or eliminating estate taxes
Tax efficient wealth transfer
Wishes fulfilled
Proper assets being left tax efficiently

Social Security Planning

Getting proper benefit amount
Taking advantage of the 526 different combinations of Social Security
Widowed, divorced, married or single options
Maximizing your options
Giving yourself more options

Real Estate Planning

Avoiding unnecessary taxes
Help shelter more income
Reduce taxes on capital gains
Understanding optimal return
Increase cash flow

College Planning

How much to save?
Where to save?
Reduce taxes
Optimal strategies


How much can I spend in retirement?
When can I retire?
How often can I travel?
Where should I live?
How much should I save?