Retirement Planning

Help develop a savings plan, target rate of return, where to save along with maximizing Social Security & Pension Options. Identifying your optimal tax efficient Retirement Income plan.


Customize an investment plan where you can invest on your own or retain our services. Low cost management with tax efficient strategies and Nobel Prize winning investment theories.

Financial Planning

Developing an individualized plan where you can reduce your tax liabilities now and throughout retirement. Running optimal and alternative scenarios to identify best decision options.

Wealth Planning

Simplify life with consolidated assets and management. 24×7 monitoring and professional institutional management. Mapping out your specific situation throughout your life.

Financial Assessment

We offer a second review of your current situation and identify the good, bad, and the ugly of your current situation. As a non-commission advisor it is important to identify who you can trust and who wants to only manage your money. Our financial assessments will cover your cash flow situation, taxes, investments, and highlight on areas of opportunity in insurance and estate planning.

Financial Plans

Putting together a plan to help with your financial situation. Going into specific details on what exactly needs to be done for a successful retirement. Implementing savings plan, tax strategies for current and future savings throughout retirement. Also help make important decisions during your life span.

Asset Management

Retaining our services includes all of your planning and implementations ongoing. We use nationally recognized custodians so your money is always safe. Falcon Wealth Planning, Inc. will continue to have ongoing planning while managing your assets for a retainer. We use an academic philosophy to investing but will cater to any investor wishes and will customize each clients to their specific investment strategies.