Wealth Management

Simplify life with consolidated assets and management. 24×7 monitoring and professional institutional management. Mapping out your specific situation throughout your life.


Rebalancing is an important Wealth Management tool to help reduce the risk you take in your portfolio and help increase your returns, what’s important to understand is each asset class has it’s purpose. They are designed to each have their own characteristics and fluctuate as markets move. This effect typically causes an asset to go up and down throughout your investment life. Understanding that timing these phenomena are virtually impossible as no asset manager has consistently been recorded to do so. With that being said, I want to show you the asset classes and the inconsistency of the investments. By diversifying in each asset class you will be taking advantage of the market volatility and fluctuations. By ongoing wealth management, we monitor the portfolio and when a portfolio is out of whack, we rebalancing your winners and losers. This is important as the theory allows you to always, “Sell High” and “Buy Low” by design. Now this is a theory as we cannot guarantee that this will always be the case. But as Harry Markowitz and other Nobel Prize winning individuals have proven, overtime this helps reduce risk and increase returns over time.

Tax Loss Harvesting

Realizing losses throughout the way of your investment plan is important to reduce the tax liability for your overall investment return. Understanding when and how to realize losses are crucial as most investors realize unnecessary fees and tax based on poor management. Potentially realizing gains or losses is important especially if you are implementing an overall tax strategy to reduce taxes. Taking advantage of tax strategies along the way can help with your overall performance by roughly 1%.