Why is Falcon Wealth Different?

Fee Only Advisor

Most advisers charge commissions and don’t focus on the importance of financial planning. Their priority is managing money. As a Fee Only Advisor we fully disclose all fees and work as a Fiduciary to make sure the plan we put together is in your best interest.

Certified Financial Planner

At Falcon Wealth Planning our advisors are CFP’s which is the highest standard of Financial Planners. Our clients know they are getting the best advice with their interest put first. Majority of firms focus on investments that happen to do planning. Falcon Wealth does financial planning that happens to also do investment management.

Fiduciary Standards

Unfortunately, the conflict of interest in our industry is real. Most advisors are commission based and focus on investments for the sole reason of being paid. Here at Falcon Wealth Planning, we focus on our clients and make sure they enhance their current situation. We review tax returns and understand our clients so we know exactly what to recommend. We are proud to say we are legally obligated to do what’s in our clients best interest.here.